IMAGICASA: Local Genius – A Story of Bosc Architectes

The French architecture firm Bosc Architectes “builds houses like couturiers make dresses: with precision, love of forms and materials, and respect for each person’s personality”. With a unique, yet recognisable and timeless style, the firm thus creates designs inspired by and integrated into the place and the landscape.


Human contact and a good relationship with clients are one of the most important aspects for Bosc Architectes, a family business in Provence. The clients’ personality and story, together with the place, are the key building blocks for a Bosc Architectes project. The firm was founded in the 1970s in Saint Rémy de Provence in the Alpilles in France by the late Hugues Bosc. Ten years ago, his sons Jean and Arthur joined the firm and subsequently took over the management. ‘Our architecture is the result of emotional, historical sociological and technical knowledge of the region,’ Jean says.

Bosc goes against standardisation, each project must embellish and respect its context.

As they say themselves, their motto is therefore in line with the statement by the influential American architect Frank Lloyd Wright: ‘Trust in local genius…’

Pursuing authenticity in both the contemporary and the traditional.

Architect and founder Hugues Bosc had a great interest in places including Saint Rémy de Provence, a municipality in the French department of Bouches-du-Rhône, where he established his architectural firm.
In every project, the place and the landscape play an important role and are taken to heart in the design.

Hugues Bosc is seen as a pioneer in the use of and experimentation with old techniques.

Thus, their projects, both restored and new houses, are steeped in the landscape and the traditions in which they are situated. The different places in France, such as the Alpilles, Lubéron and Vaucluse, require specific techniques, methods and a varied and excellent understanding of materials and forms. ‘It is essential to be aware of the power and complexity of places: in their own logic and in their multiplicity of forms (past, climatic logic, locality, uses and customs, traditions of execution, materials, etc.) a source of inspiration for innovation, a dialogue.’ The pursuit of authenticity in both the contemporary and the traditional is also an important starting point for the firm.

Each project is unique and is designed with passion and experience in total harmony with the landscape.

It is a mix of authenticity and modernity, of the contemporary with respect for local characteristics.

The projects of Bosc Architectes are very varied because they have a great interest in different projects.

‘We are constantly drawing on this complex knowledge that we have mastered and adhering to in order to apply the same logic to different programmes.’

For example, the firm currently has around 30 projects underway in regions such as the Alpilles, Avignon, the Luberon, Aix and the Côte d’Azur. Their knowledge of art and design also means that they are called on for the most diverse projects, from private residences to restaurants, sports academies, hotels, museums, boutiques, and so on.
Bosc Architectes also has a wealth of experience in interior design and decoration and often works with renowned decorators such as Jacques Grange, landscape designers and artists.

With their outstanding experience and philosophy, Bosc Architectes always creates projects at the service of the community with utmost care for economy, efficiency and aesthetics.

Each building tells its own story in harmony with its surroundings and region, with a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. 

Source: Imagicasa