Extraordinary Mediterranean Residence Along the Scenic Cote d’Azur Coastline

As the waves collide with the rugged shore and the sea sings its song, there is an outstanding house stands on the top of the hill.

Located on a rocky slope, the plot descends sharply towards the water in a cascading manner. This surface pattern has been replicated in the project itself. The planning of the main and guest houses takes into account the variations in ground levels. Every detail in this house reflects the character of the Mediterranean climate and culture. Whitewashed walls, tiles with patterns in shades of blue, yellow, and green, and the arrangement of a cascading garden—all these elements enhance the sense of the region throughout the year.

The use of elements reflecting the character of the Mediterranean climate and culture give the project a special charm. The cascading garden likely not only adds beauty and aesthetics but also provides functionality adapted to local conditions. This approach to home planning ensures comfortable living and also emphasizes the connection with nature and the traditions of the region. This house seems to become not just a place of residence but a true work of art, reflecting the beauty and character of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Where the sea sings its song…

Architecte: BOSC Architectes

Vidéo: Aurelien Cubbedu

Music: Aleksey Chistilin – “Ocean”