An Atmospheric House with a Gorgeous Garden Created from Scratch

When the client approached us with their bold vision and passion for real estate development, we immediately recognized that we had a unique opportunity at hand. As an architects, our goal was to create a residence that embodies the timeless elegance of Provence while incorporating contemporary architectural elements.

We drew inspiration from the privileged location in Eygalières and sought to leverage its stunning landscapes to create a property that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Every detail was carefully considered, from the high-quality materials to the refined finishes, to offer an exceptional residential experience.

The rapid sale of this exceptional construction speaks to the relevance of our approach and our fruitful collaboration. The alliance between the visionary developer and BOSC Architectes, as a renowned architects, has resulted in a unique property that captured the attention of buyers and investors.

If you are seeking investment opportunities in real estate projects where the combination of a developer’s strategic vision and the design talent of an architect is a recipe for success, Eygalières is a destination to consider.

Real Estate Developer: PRIAMS

Architecte: BOSC Architectes

Interior Decoration: Maison Brunard

Photo: Mark Elst

Vidéo: Aerostudio Production

Music: Tiko Tiko – “Devotion”