Création du jardin magique et rénovation de la maison des invités à Eygalières. Réalisation : BOSC Gardens et BOSC Architectes

Cascade garden in the historical center of a Provençal village

This garden sits on a historic hill in a Provencal village, resulting from the merging of two separate plots. The house originally had a small garden, but it had no views over the landscape. When given the opportunity, the owners bought the adjacent plot which allowed to remove the wall and hedge between them and to open the views in both directions – towards the Alpilles and the old village on the hill.

The new garden has different levels and follows the slope of the hill; from the main house to the new plot. To blend the two gardens, we created stairs, fountains and cascades, flowing logically from one to the next; water being the red thread of the project.

The original small garden of the main house, previously the only green space, now offers various views of the entire property.

After demolishing the dividing wall, we planned a new garden, serving as a link between the two distinct spaces.

Despite the small footprint, the project results in a nice open area, with a wide variety of spaces. Tall trees near the supporting fence provide shade and cover the stonework. The upper tier features olive trees mixed with lavender, transitioning to an area framed by olive and cypress trees around a lawn in an amphitheater layout. The main feature is a simple fountain descending in a calm cascade. From the lower tier, guests access the guest house; a renovation of a small old building, next to the new pool area. Privacy for this space is ensured with a stone wall integrated with the guest house, adorned with trees and climbing plants on the garden side. There’s also a lounge area and a designated dining space.

Landscape design: BOSC Gardens

Guest house: BOSC Architectes

Photo: Hervé Hôte