IMAGICASA: Dining in style – Restaurant L’Auberge in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

If you are ever in the picturesque region Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in the South of France, we know a place where you can dine in style: Restaurant L’Auberge. The interior has been completely transformed by Bosc Architectes into an aesthetic space that feels secure and exclusive.


Located in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Bosc Architectes builds houses like couturiers make their dresses: with precision, love for shapes and materials, and respect for each individual’s personality. The relationship that the agency creates with its clients often continues even after the project is completed. In addition to the client’s wishes, Hugues Bosc, founder of the agency, also takes the environment into account when building or renovating a house. The different regions in the South of France all have different landscapes, which require different techniques, materials and shapes. This project was located in the same municipality as the firm itself, so Bosc Architectes was the ideal candidate to renovate the L’Auberge Restaurant.

Visualisation by Hanna Oganesyan

Originally, the building had a Provençal style: a single-storey room with a mezzanine, large stone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling. Bosc Architectes wanted to give the space a new look. This more elegant interior is also more suitable for what the restaurant has to offer, namely quality fish and seafood dishes from regionally renowned chef Fanny Rey. The exclusive restaurant now has around thirty seats. The ceiling is smooth and wavy, a design inspired by the cooking philosophy of chef Fanny Rey. By replacing heavy hanging lamps with Delta Light spotlights, the space appears pure and light. 

The ceiling is smooth and wavy, a design inspired by the cooking philosophy of chef Fanny Rey.

What is also characteristic of the dining room are the good acoustics. In contrast to the noisy kitchen and the street noise of the lively surroundings, all sounds in the restaurant disappear. They have achieved this by using special sound-absorbing materials for the floor and ceiling. By doing so, you can dine in peace, privacy and security. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the interior has almost no sharp corners: all elements of the interior are soft, both in form and texture.

Visualisation by Hanna Oganesyan

Interior design is not only important in private homes, but also in commercial spaces. After all, food tastes better in a restaurant with a stylish interior. All the more reason to take a look at Restaurant L’Auberge, the admirable project by Bosc Architectes.

Source: Imagicasa